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​About us

Asian Pediatric Hematology and Oncology Group (APHOG)
Improving the diagnosis and treatment of childhood cancers in Asia

The goal is to achieve at least 60% survival for all children with cancer by 2030.
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We have

11 tasks to accomplish our goals .



   Our structure is composed of several councils to operate,

although still under formation.




one main council & one advisory board, which are composed of 22 members from various Asian countries .

2023 May 21          APHOG hosted the “2nd APHOG Annual Meeting 2023”

                             in Yerevan, Armenia (Hybrid).

                             Symposium titled “Fight Against Neuroblastoma in Asia” was held 

                             from 9:00 to 12:30 (Armenia time; UTC+4) in hybrid.


                             Symposium was followed by "APHOG General Assembly 2023 Spring"

                             from 13:00 to 14:00 (Armenia time; UTC+4) also in hybrid.




2023 Feb.5            14:00~16:00 (Tokyo Time)

                             "International Childhood Cancer Day 2023 Saga"

                             APHOG held the hybrid event with MOCC, Lions Clubs International

                             337-C and SIOP.

                                  Archive video is available on YouTube channel:

2022 Dec.3            11:00~13:30 (Tokyo Time)           

                             “1st APHOG Global Seminar 2022"

                              - Recent Advances in the Treatment of Osteosarcoma -

              was held on line.




2022 Nov.16          18:00~20:00 (Tokyo Time)          

                             “2nd APHOG & SIOP-ASIA Joint Symposium 2022"

                             - Asian Challenges to Conquer Wilms Tumor -

                             was held virtual.  


                                  Archive video is available on YouTube channel: 

2022 Sep.25          14:00~16:00 (Tokyo Time)       

                             2nd WHO GICC in Tokyo 2022 hybrid conference was held at

                             National Cancer Center Japan, Tokyo.

                               Organizers: MOCC & APHOG

                               Co-organizers: SIOP Asia & Amazon

                               Full archived footage is available on MOCC homepage:


2022 July 31          13:30~17:30 Beijing time 

                               1st APHOG Meeting jointly with SIOP Asia 2022  

                               was held on virtual platform hosted by Guangdong Children Cancer Group.


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