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​About us

Asian Pediatric Hematology and Oncology Group (APHOG)
Improving the diagnosis and treatment of childhood cancers in Asia

The goal is to achieve at least 60% survival for all children with cancer by 2030.
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We have

11 tasks to accomplish our goals .



   Our structure is composed of several councils to operate,

although still under formation.




one main council & one advisory board, which are composed of 22 members from various Asian countries .

2023 Sep.23          14:00~17:00 (Tokyo Time)       

                             APHOG organized 3rd WHO GICC in Tokyo 2023 hybrid conference with     

                             SIOP Asia and MOCC at National Cancer Center Japan, Tokyo.

                             Archive video will be released on MOCC homepage soon.


2023 May 21          APHOG hosted the “2nd APHOG Annual Meeting 2023”

                             in Yerevan, Armenia (Hybrid).

                             Symposium titled “Fight Against Neuroblastoma in Asia” was held 

                             from 9:00 to 12:30 (Armenia time; UTC+4) in hybrid.


                             Symposium was followed by "APHOG General Assembly 2023 Spring"

                             from 13:00 to 14:00 (Armenia time; UTC+4) also in hybrid.



2023 Feb.5            14:00~16:00 (Tokyo Time)

                             "International Childhood Cancer Day 2023 Saga"

                             APHOG held the hybrid event with MOCC, Lions Clubs International

                             337-C and SIOP.

                                  Archive video is available on YouTube channel:

2022 Dec.3            11:00~13:30 (Tokyo Time)           

                             “1st APHOG Global Seminar 2022"

                              - Recent Advances in the Treatment of Osteosarcoma -

              was held on line.




2022 Nov.16          18:00~20:00 (Tokyo Time)          

                             “2nd APHOG & SIOP-ASIA Joint Symposium 2022"

                             - Asian Challenges to Conquer Wilms Tumor -

                             was held virtual.  


                            Archive video is available on SIOP YouTube channel: 

2022 Sep.25          14:00~16:00 (Tokyo Time)       

                             2nd WHO GICC in Tokyo 2022 hybrid conference was held at

                             National Cancer Center Japan, Tokyo.

                               Organizers: MOCC & APHOG

                               Co-organizers: SIOP Asia & Amazon

                               Full archived footage is available on MOCC homepage:

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