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2023 Feb.5           11:00~14:00 (Tokyo Time)

                              “ICCD 2023 Saga" was held as a hybrid in-person and

                               virtual event in Saga, Japan. 




2022 Dec.3           11:00~13:00 (Tokyo Time)

                              “1st APHOG Global Seminar 2022

                              - Recent Advances in the Treatment of Osteosarcoma - "

             was held on line.



2022 Nov.16          18:00~20:00 (Tokyo Time)          

                              “2nd APHOG & SIOP-ASIA Joint Symposium 2022

                              - Asian Challenges to Conquer Wilms Tumor - "

                              was held on line.






2022 Sep. 25               14:00~16:00 (Tokyo Time)      

                                    “2nd WHO GICC in Tokyo 2022”

                                     Hybrid conference with simultaneous translation (English & Japanese)

                                     was held at  National Cancer Center Japan, Tokyo and streamed live.

                                     Organizers: MOCC & APHOG

                                     Co-organizers: SIOP Asia & Amazon


           On the occasion of the event, MOCC and APHOG have received a donation    

                   from Amazon to support our activities.  Amazon will “go gold” for the sixth year  

                   with its annual Amazon Goes Gold for Kids with Cancer global campaign.

                   Read the article on how Amazon is helping combat childhood cancer:


2022 July 31                13:30 to 17:30 (Beijing time)

                                      1st  APHOG Meeting was held jointly with SIOP Asia 2022

                                      Guangzhou, China (online meeting). 







2021 Oct. 27            19:00~22:00(Tokyo time) 

                               1st APHOG-SIOP Asia Joint Scientific Online Meeting

                               "Go To Meeting" Platform provided by SIOP








2021 Sep.25             14:00~16:00 (Tokyo time)
                                WHO Global Initiative for Childhood Cancer in Tokyo 2021

                "WHO GICC in Tokyo 2021" hybrid conference in Tokyo

                                was held by MOCC.

                                The Chair of APHOG, Dr. Akira Nakagawara gave a 

               keynote speech.


2021 Sep.16             The Chair of APHOG, Dr. Akira Nakagawara gave an online 

                                special class titled "WHO Childhood Cancer Initiative -

                                Fighting against Inequality -" to junior high school students

                                in Takeo-city, Saga prefecture.


2021 March 19~21    The XIIIth Congress of SIOP-Asia, Mumbai, India


                                The Chair of APHOG, Dr. Akira Nakagawara chaired

                                Asian Cooperative Groups meeting and give a lecture titled

                               "Asian Pediatric Hematology and Oncology Group (APHOG)

                                - The Roadmap for the Future -"



20210811Golden Ribbon .png
Screen Capture_Group Photo- APHOG Meeting1.png
Screen Capture_Group Photo- APHOG Meeting2.png

Message from SIOP

APHOG and SIOP Asia plan to have the 1st Joint Scientific Meeting via SIOP "GotoMeeting" platform on October 27th 19:00-22:00 Tokyo time.
The program is very busy and the time is tight, but this joint meeting is very important for both APHOG and SIOP Asia for the future.
APHOG stands for the Asian Pediatric Hematology and Oncology Group which is a childhood cancer clinical study group of Asia. Our Asian colleagues started to talk about the necessity of a united pediatric cancer clinical study group in 2012, and we have officially founded APHOG in March, 2021.

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