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  1. To help exchanging updated information on pediatric hematology oncology in Asian countries

  2. To help organizing Asian international collaborative study group(s)

  3. To promote the establishment of a registration database system for pediatric cancers in Asian countries

  4. To support long term follow up and means to improve the quality of life of childhood cancer survivors in Asia

  5. To facilitate the development of “advanced personalized therapies” for all children with cancer in Asia

  6. To enhance the pediatric hematology and oncology researches in Asia

  7. To establish pediatric cancers tissue bank (biobank) in all Asian countries which can facilitate translational research of pediatric cancers in Asia

  8. To help solving the ethical related issues in the field of pediatric hematology and oncology in Asia

  9. To relieve children from suffering of unnecessary therapy such as radiation exposure in Asia

  10. To collaborate with other international study groups of pediatric hematology and oncology via networking

  11. To help developing practical, effective therapies according to the facilities available in various socio-economic strata (proposed by Dr. Dan D’Angio)


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